Whatever the weather may be outside you can make all training fun and "cool". Here are some top tips from G WiZ.


1. Make sure the room you are working in is a comfortable temperature. Heating in the winter and air-con for the summer. These may be portabale devices if they are not in situ. (Make sure everything is PAT tested and up to date).


2. Ventilation: windows that open (if not you will need air-con). Fans can make a stuffy room more comfortable.


3. Refreshments: hot drinks and water as a minimum. (Squash if the budget allows).


4. Lunch should be provided for any full day training. Depending on budget this can be anything from a prepared buffet to sandwiches from a supermarket.


5. If for any reason lunch cannot be provided (e.g. client has no budget) make sure delegates are aware of this in advance.


6. Finish on time or even better, early!


7. Have regular comfort breaks.


8. Use quick, fun energisers to stimulate your delegates. (Ideally relevant to the topic).


9. Don't labour any point just for the sake of it.


10. Have a plan for the "graveyard slot" (the first session after lunch). Have an activity that is mentally (and ideally) physically stimulating.


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